How to Clean Your Home Air Conditioner This Summer

How to Clean Your Home Air Conditioner This Summer

By In Heating and Air Conditioning Questions and Answers On August 25, 2020

Proper installation followed by regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is the key to keeping it efficiently working.

Here are some of the basic tasks a home owner can do to help maintain the ac system.

Wash out your outdoor coil

You will need a water hose and a spray nozzle.

  1. First, turn your thermostat to off.
  2. Second, turn the breaker off to the outdoor unit. This typically is labeled in your main electrical box as AC. Once the power is off you are ready to wash out the outdoor coil.
  3. With medium pressure from the nozzle start at the top and work your way down flushing any debris out. You may have to hand remove anything larger, such as leaves.
  4. Do this on all sides.
  5. Once you are finished it is safe to turn the system back on.

Clear condensate drains

Typically we use a high pressure to clear the lines of any blockage. At home you can use a compressor or if nothing else a vacuum. If unit is in a closet, you can blow the drain out with no issue and there is not a secondary drain.

If your indoor unit is in the attic make sure to note where the drain line ties into. Typically under a bathroom sink or a washing machine box. If its tied into a sink you should place a towel in the sink to catch anything that may be flushed out during the process.

Indoor AC units in the attic should also have a secondary drain, which is also referred to as an emergency drain. This is typically visible on the outside of your home above a window, on a porch or above a door. This is placed in these areas so the homeowner will notice if it starts dripping condensation. If it does then your main drain is stopped up.

You can flush this drain out also. Spiders and bugs like to get in there. On main drains, during the ac season you can pour In a cup of bleach to keep it cleaned out.


Put a reminder on your phone to at least check your air filter monthly. Some homes, depending on where you live and animal hair will determine how often you should change your filter.

For assistance cleaning your air conditioner and filters, contact Heat Mechanical, your local Waxahachie, TX HVAC contractor.