Top 5 Common Problems Affecting Gas Furnaces

By In Heating and Air Conditioning Questions and Answers On February 20, 2020

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HVAC units can have some problems over time. Sometimes, these problems are mild, while at other times, the unit needs to be replaced. Common problems are typically easy to fix when you call a furnace repair contractor in Waxahachie. But it is important to repair the heating and cooling units as quickly as possible. A small problem can quickly lead to a larger problem down the road.

Here are the top five common problems that may affect your gas furnace.

  1. No maintenance. A common problem that we see in heating repair is that the homeowner simply does not keep up with the maintenance. Not keeping up with routine maintenance can cause a homeowner problems. Normal issues may be missed, and extensive repairs may be needed. Heating and air conditioning units should be maintained at least once a year. Preferably, a HVAC unit should be serviced once in the spring and then again in the fall.
  1. Airflow trouble. The best way to maintain proper airflow in a furnace is to have a clean furnace filter. If they are not replaced, dirty air can get sucked into the unit. Dirty air is also blown throughout the home. This can lead to illnesses as well as the break down of the unit. It is a good idea to change the filter monthly.
  1. Thermostat Issues. Thermostat issues are a common issue. It is typically an issue with the wiring that causes an issue for the HVAC unit. This is when a homeowner should call an Ellis County HVAC contractor like Heat Mechanical to repair the issue. A homeowner never should try to fix a thermostat issue themselves. They may wire it wrong creating a fire hazard. They may also wire it incorrectly to where the unit does not come on at all.
  1. Control Issues. A gas furnace is ignited by a glow plug or spark igniter; sometimes, these will not light and thus can’t control ignition. There could also be an issue with gas getting to the furnace, so it is important that you call a professional when the furnace will not come on.
  1. Mechanical Wear. As an HVAC unit starts to age, it can develop problems. Age-related issues may make the unit not as efficient as it once was. A homeowner can decide to have a heating repair done on an older machine, but if the repair is going to be extensive, they may choose to hire our Ellis County HVAC contractors at Heat Mechanical to come in to replace the unit with a more efficient model.

It is important that the heating and cooling unit of a home be kept in functioning order. Homeowners should never try to do the repair themselves. We are here to help no matter the problem with the unit. Call Heat Mechanical today to set up an appointment for HVAC service in Waxahatchie and the surrounding areas. At Heat Mechanical, we are here to address any issue from a minor repair, including a full replacement of the heating and cooling system.